Settlecore ISO/RTO – for Scheduling & Settlements

The superior functionality and exceptional support of the SettleCore ISO/RTO solution has made it one of the leading shadow settlement systems used by market participants in the ISOs/RTOs, including CAISO, PJM, MISO, ERCOT, ISO-NE, NYISO, and SPP. The SettleCore solution contains intuitive screens that use the same terminology that each ISO/RTO utilizes. The SettleCore database uses a data model that simplifies the reporting process for our customers, and is optimized to enable terabytes of data with super-fast screen refresh rates.

The SettleCore ISO/RTO solution is a module-based system, enabling our customers to select only the modules that they require.

SettleCore ISO/RTO enables market participants to perform scheduling, automated data downloading, shadow settlements and statement validation, allocations, reporting, and business intelligence and analytics.

The SettleCore ISO/RTO solution is comprised of the following modules:

SettleCore – Business Intelligence and Analysis Module

This module is used for performing the validation of various dispatch data and for performing ad-hoc analysis of a market participant’s entire resource portfolio, on-demand.

  • Includes an ad-hoc, on-demand graphing feature, which enables the users to drag-and-drop the desired data points onto the graphs. Users may view the data through daily, hourly, or sub-hourly views (such as 5-minute).
  • Includes split-second screen refresh and drill-down times.
  • Includes customized business rules for the automated flagging of events required by our customers.


SettleCore – ISO Downloader Module

This module is used to automate the downloading, viewing, and reporting on the various data sources and reports that are downloaded from the ISO/RTO.

  • Includes automated downloading of bids and offers, market awards, dispatch instructions, prices, meter data, outage data, CRRs/FTRs, forecasts, settlement statements and supporting settlement files, and invoices.
  • Includes manually triggered data imports and automated time-triggered batch imports to download data.
  • Includes screens for drilling down into the imported data from the above data sources.


SettleCore – Settlements Analyzer Module

This module is used to view next-day shadow settlement calculations and to compare and drill-down into the ISO/RTO settlement statements and invoices.

  • Includes screens to view the daily charge code amounts, interval and hourly charge code volumes/prices/amounts, and the primary and intermediate billing determinants.
  • Includes the ability to compare any settlement file to another version of the ISO/RTO settlement file, which automatically displays the differences.
  • Includes the ability to drill-down into the customer’s invoices.


SettleCore – Shadow Settlements Module

This module is used to create next-day shadow settlement calculations and to perform the validation of the ISO/RTO settlement statements.

  • Includes the ability to shadow settle charge codes as early as T+1.
  • Includes the ability to compare SettleCore’s shadow settlement of the charge code amounts to each ISO/RTO settlement file.
  • Includes a dispute feature that enables the flagging of differences between shadow calculations and the ISO/RTO settlement files.

SettleCore – Allocations Module

This module is used to disaggregate ISO/RTO charge code amounts to the resources and assets which trigger the charges.

  • Includes the allocation of a scheduling entity’s charge code amounts down to the cost-causing resources. The result is a settlement statement at the resource-level.
  • This feature provides more detailed granularity for back-office billing purposes.
  • This feature provides more detailed granularity for front-office to more accurately reflect their internal PNL.

SettleCore – Scheduling Module

This module is used to automate the submittal of bids and offers, self-schedules, and bilateral trades to the ISO’s/RTO’s APIs.

  • Schedulers may submit schedules and bids for a single scheduling entity or multiple scheduling entities in a single batch upload for the Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets.
  • Includes energy, ancillary services, and convergence bids
  • Includes features such as copy forward from one date to multiple future dates and drag values across hours.

SettleCore – Outage Module

This module is used to automate the submittal of resource outages to the ISO’s/RTO’s APIs.

  • Includes the submittal of unit outages.
  • Includes the ability to download the ISO’s/RTO’s updated statuses for each outage.
  • Includes the ability to update the submittal status of the outage ticket.