Settlecore ETRM –Software for ETRM Deal Capture

Power and Gas Trading, Scheduling, and Risk Management

SettleCore ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) is an affordable and scalable system designed to fit the needs of any size organization that requires a single, fully integrated solution for automating the front-office, mid-office, and back-office business processes – from small independent trade desks to large municipal utilities and multi-ISO generating companies. This system includes rich reporting and detail and handles straight-through processing from the front to back-office. Versioning, timestamps, and user-security roles are utilized throughout the system.

  • Deal Capture – Power and Natural Gas Physicals, Financials, Virtuals, and Hedges.
  • Position Management – Net Positions and Balancing by Companies, Locations, Portfolios, and more.
  • Scheduling – Submit Bids and Offers on ISO transactions and Schedule counterparty deals. Contract Volumes, Schedule Volumes, Meter Volumes, and Adjusted Volumes are viewed at the deal-level.
  • Inputs and Feeds – Meter Data, Prices, Forward Curves, Market Data, ICE data, and ability to integrate with all Internal Data.
  • Structured Contracts – Master Agreements, Custom Contracts, WSPP, ISOs, etc.
  • Reporting –  Intra-day Mark-to-Market, P&L, and Custom Reporting with full Export to Excel
  • Credit Management –   Credit and Volumetric Limits by Counterparties and Traders.
  • VaR Analytics – Value-at-Risk Analytics for the Valuation of deals by Confidence Level

The SettleCore ETRM solution is comprised of the following modules:

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