Customer Comments

"Power Settlements has been a fantastic business partner. They implemented the SettleCore product ahead of schedule and did an excellent job of delivering a well-tested product that met or exceeded our specific requirements. Where we needed enhancements to the product the Power Settlements team was readily available to hear our requests, they quickly comprehended what our needs were and rolled out the enhancements in a timeframe that exceeded our expectations. The Power Settlements team has been an exceptional business partner and I consider them best in class for exceeding our customer service expectations in the areas of fast response times to requests, technical expertise, reliability, flexibility and follow through. I highly recommend working with the Power Settlements team if you are a participant in the CAISO market."

Doug Young – Director of Back Office Operations – PacifiCorp

"The Power Settlements system has really been a huge benefit to us. Our schedulers and traders have already seen a huge benefit from the Visual Analytics module. With a single Real-Time dashboard that automatically updates itself every 5 minutes, we now have real-time visibility into our CAISO’s 5-minute ADS generator dispatches, our internal meter data reads, real-time imbalance energy, all of our schedules and all of the LMPs. Having a single screen with all of this information, which allows us to perform Real-Time analysis and reporting, has been amazing. Within just a few weeks after the Power Settlements implementation we have already found several internal and CAISO issues that we are following up on to further improve our generator performance.”

“Regarding the Power Settlements back-office functionality, now all of our CAISO data downloading is completely automated and we are able to shadow estimate and validate our CAISO settlement statements accurately and on time. Weekly reporting processes that we previously completed manually that would take days to perform are now able to be completed in about just 2 hours using the Power Settlements system. The Power Settlements modules for CAISO Settlements have provided us the transparency, calculation accuracy, and ease of use that we originally saw during the original Power Settlements demonstration. We are very pleased with the Power Settlements system. "

Efrain Sandoval – Resource Scheduler – City of Vernon

"The SettleCore system is easy to use and our settlement analysts are able to quickly identify the source of settlement discrepancies between the shadow and MISO. SettleCore’s accuracy and intuitive format has added efficiency to our settlement process, as well as increased the level of confidence in the accuracy of our shadow settlements. Our interaction with Power Settlements, from the first demo, through a full featured trial phase and into production has been smooth and professional. They are very attentive to details, knowledgeable about the MISO market and willing to make product changes that increase our productivity. We would highly recommend that anyone looking for a robust settlements system consider Power Settlements."

John Young – Manager of Market Services – Dairyland Power Cooperative

"We were impressed with Power Settlements’ single solution software that supports straight-thru-processing of our energy trading and scheduling, credit and risk management, and ISO activity. We were looking for an established vendor with a solution to meet our current needs and accommodate our future growth and Power Settlements’ large customer base and extensive knowledge of the CAISO market were key factors in our vendor selection decision. We are thrilled that Power Settlements implemented the SettleCore solution on time and on budget. Now that we are in production, we are very pleased with the high level of support and attention that their staff provides."

Data Systems Manager – San Francisco (SFPUC)

"One year ago, we implemented the SettleCore™ ETRM system on time and on budget. We were able to successfully replace multiple systems with one system that could address the process improvements and reporting enhancements we felt were critical needs for our operations. The SettleCore™ product and their customer support staff have allowed us to realize a new level of efficiency across multiple departments. We are extremely happy with our selection of SettleCore."

Erik Johnson – Principal Energy Trader – City of Pasadena

"Power Settlements and the SettleCore solution have exceeded our expectations. We use SettleCore for generation offers, shadow settlements, outage management and meter data submissions in MISO. In particular, the SettleCore - Business Intelligence and Analytics Module, with its graphical screens for reviewing our MISO Day-Ahead and Real-Time awards and operational performance, has provided such incredible value in an easy-to-view presentation that it is used by generator dispatchers at the plant to individuals in our executive management team. It is easy to use and it greatly assists us with our real-time decision making and ability to identify operational issues and market challenges."

John Heisey – Vice President Asset Trading – Entegra Power Group

"Not only is our SettleCore software very user friendly, highly accurate, fast in performance and customizable, but Power Settlements is the most customer focused software provider team that I have worked with in my 20 years of service (which includes numerous software and consultant contracts.) I highly recommend this team!"

Rosemary Hart - IT Support and Project Management - SMUD

"Power Settlements did a great job for us producing a custom CAISO ADS application that displays multiple resource graphs on the same screen and gives audible alarms for all load changes. It makes managing five-minute dispatch orders on multiple units a lot easier for the operators. Thank you Power Settlements."

Manny Robledo - Electric Operations Manager - City of Anaheim

"We have used the SettleCore system as our CAISO settlements software for the past few years. We use this system daily to analyze settlement results for commercial operations and financial analysis at our Plant. The software is robust and dynamic - exportable and configurable. There is so much information coming from the ISO. Every so often something new needs to be analyzed and implemented. There have been a number of times that I have worked with Power Settlements staff to create a report from concept to export in less than a week. They have always been able to fit us in and get it done. Power Settlements has proven to me that they can provide expertise, customer service, and a solution in a short amount of time. We recommend them as a provider of settlements software."

David Grant - Financial Manager, LPGC

"Power Settlements, and the SettleCore system, have been a great service to our organization while providing expert knowledge in the complex California ISO Energy Markets. They also provide timely service and system upgrades that keep our traders and back office personnel abreast of the ever-changing world of deal pricing management and Shadow Settlements with the ISO."

Jim Keenan - Project Manager / Systems Analyst - Entegra Power Group